Maxi Climber

KSh 12,000

  • The vertical climber has adjustable height to suit any user’s stature
  • Machine mimics rock-climbing routines to burn calories and tone or build muscle
  • Foldable design is easy to assemble and quick to collapse for simple storage
  • Features non-stick grip handles for comfort
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 110 kgs.
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This affordable and very well-made vertical climber will provide you with the means to perform muscle and cardio toning, efficiently burn fat, lose weight and sculpt your body. And all of this in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

The MaxiClimber helps you work on your upper and lower body as well as on your core, which makes it perfect if you want a fitness machine to help you tone and sculpt your entire body rather than just certain parts of it.

Also, MaxiClimber is the original and patented vertical climber, so if you want the real thing – you should opt for the original, right?

Most importantly, the MaxiClimber doesn’t require the use of any heavyweights and other equipment, so you will utilize only your own body weight for working out. This means that it is safer than other fitness gear, and also that it doesn’t apply so much impact on your joints and thus poses less risk of strains and injuries.

Overall, if you use the MaxiClimber regularly, you will soon find that you are losing weight consistently and that your body is becoming much more toned and strong. And who doesn’t want leaner legs, beautifully shaped arms and booty and strong and hard abs?

Don’t forget the positive effect regular exercising with this vertical climber will have on your heart and on your overall health too!

Which parts of the body will benefit from the use of the MaxiClimber

Thanks to its versatility and its ingenious design which mimics the movements of rock climbing, the MaxiClimber will ensure that you use every single muscle from the tips of your fingers to your toes once you step on it and start using it.

Unlike other home fitness equipment which usually focuses on certain muscle groups, the MaxiClimber will work out all three of the essential muscle groups – your upper body, your core and your lower body.

The arms will get the hardest workout with this exercise machine, but then again you will be using and working out your legs, glutes and your ab muscles as well as you keep climbing on the MaxiClimber.


The Pros of the MaxiClimber

The MaxiClimber has a number of advantages that set it apart from other vertical climbers on the market, which is the reason why we have picked it as our ultimate favorite vertical climber.

Adjustable height

It has an adjustable height, so you can choose one of the five available height settings to fit your height and your fitness goals. Thus it is a universal exercise tool that can be used by just about anybody no matter their size and height.

An automatic timer

Also, the MaxiClimber has a handy integrated workout timer which will help you monitor your status and progress during and after the workout. The accurate timer will display not only the time you have been exercising but also the calories you have burned as well as the steps you have made during the workout. This is a great feature that will enable you to track your progress and will motivate you to work harder every time in order to reach your fitness goals.

The timer switches on automatically as soon as you start your exercise session, so you needn’t worry about having to fiddle with dials manual, or forgetting to turn the timer on before or during the exercise on the MaxiClimber.

Bio X technology

The Bio X technology of the MaxiClimber allows for a special exercise mode involving a cross-crawl motion which makes sure that your core muscles are also engaged throughout the workout. This is a feature that is unique for the MaxiClimber and which makes it a much better choice than other vertical climbers on the market.

Ergonomic design

The manufacturer of the MaxiClimber has ensured that each detail has been precisely calculated and made in a way to provide ultimate comfort during the workout. It has non-stick isometric grips which help make the exercise on this tool much more comfortable and reduces the wear and tear on the hands. This vertical climber is very sturdy and is suitable for people weighing up to 240 lbs. (110 kg).

Collapsible design

The MaxiClimber can easily be folded in a compact unit so that you can store it behind the door or under the bed when you are not using it. This is a very useful function, especially if you live in a small apartment or have limited space in your home for storing the device. Whenever you want to use it, you just need to unfold the MaxiClimber and set it up in the place designated for your workouts and get going.

Once you are done, you can fold it up in just a few seconds and then put it away into its designated storage area. It is lightweight so you can easily carry it around when folded, and yet the cold-rolled steel used for its construction is incredibly durable.


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